Primary | "Where the adventure begins!"

Welcome to the Primary Flight Division.

Primary is where pedestrians start the journey to becoming Army Aviators. In this initial phase of training, the student is introduced to rotary wing flight procedures and techniques. Tasks range from aircraft pre-flight inspections to the performance of advanced emergency maneuvers, such as touchdown autorotations.

A strong foundation in rotary wing flight fundamentals is critical for advancement into the advanced helicopter weapon systems, such as the AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 Blackhawk, and the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Primary Division is where this strong foundation and adventure begins.

  • Number of Training Days: 40
  • Hours of Instructions: 46.4 hours in the TH-67
  • Numbers of Exams: Expect daily quizzes and no notice written exams
  • Total Course Hours: 46.4 hours includes two end of stage checkrides (1.0 hour each)


  • Primary instructors Integrate the aerodynamic principles of rotary wing flight, and flight control systems with actual on hands on flight instruction in basic and advanced flight maneuvers including pickup and landing to a hover; hovering flight, hovering turns, Straight and level flight, climbing and descending turns, traffic patterns, VMC takeoffs and approaches, shallow approaches and running landings and Autorations; hovering, standard, simulated engine failure at a hover and in flight, hydraulics off procedures, simulated tail rotor malfunctions.
  • Primary Instruction also includes and integrates the initial elements of crew coordination, Aircraft systems, Airspace surveillance, Visual flight rules and procedures, Aeromedical factors, aviation life support systems, crew mission briefings, weight and balance, radio communications and other subjects as required. The focus is to graduate safe and professionally trained aviators to the proficiency standards set by the US Military.