About Amentum Services, Inc.

In September 1997, Lear Siegler Services (LSI) was purchased by The Carlyle Group, a Washington-based investment banking group, whose other defense industry interests included EG&G Technical Services, Inc. In 2002, Carlyle decided to consolidate the complementary capabilities of LSI and EG&G under common management. The combined company, under the name EG&G Technical Services, Inc., was subsequently purchased by URS Corporation, an industry leader in architecture and engineering services.

EG&G Technical Services, Inc. and LSI consolidated to become the premier provider of outsourced management and technical support services to the federal government. EG&G is a global technology company based in Germantown, Maryland with annual sales of more than $950M and approximately 10,000 employees. EG&G provides a full range of management, scientific, technical, operational and support services to both government and commercial customers. LSI began providing maintenance services to large fleets of aircraft in 1961, followed by its training services to the U.S. military and international customers.

On 1 January 2010, in order to present a single brand to our customers, the long standing EG&G, Lear Siegler, and Washington Group names were retired and all operations became exclusively known as URS Federal Services, Inc. A few years later, URS Federal Services and AECOM merged. At that point, URS became and AECOM Company and the Rotary Wing Flight Training organization became part of AECOM’s Management Services Sector. Finally, on 3 February 2020, AECOM’s Management Services, after its sale to Lindsay Goldberg and American Securities, officially became Amentum Services, Inc.

Throughout these decades, the rotary wing flight training organization has unabatedly delivered expert classroom academic and hands on flight instruction to generations of military rotary wing pilots.