Academics | Aviators are made, not born.

Flying a helicopter is more than just moving the controls in the cockpit. Today's Army aviator has to be skilled and knowledgeable of the rules and regulations that govern flight in today's complex airspace.

The Academic Division introduces the Army aviator to the "nice to know" and the "need to know" information to make them a safe, well-rounded, professional combat aviator.

STRUCTURE - The Academic division is broken down into Primary and Instrument divisions
  • Training Days: 16-45
  • Hours of Instructions: 81.5
  • Numbers of Exams: 4
  • Training Days: 47-85
  • Hours of Instructions: 85
  • Numbers of Exams: 4


  • Flight Support Subjects
  • Theory of Rotary Wing Flight
  • VFR Navigation
  • Weather
  • Attitude Instrument Flying
  • Radio Navigation
  • EAL Charts & Departure Procedures
  • DoD Flight Publications
  • Radio Magnetic Indicator
  • Holding
  • Instrument Approach Procedures
  • Flight Plans & General Flight Rules
  • ATC Facilities and Clearances
  • IFR Communications
  • Navigation Computer
  • IFR Flight Planning