Safety Directorate

Amentum leads the way in safety at the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE). We are the first to introduce aviation and safety to those who aspire to become Army and Air Force Rotary Wing Aviators. We take our mission seriously to train Army, Air Force and Allied Nation students how to think like an aviator and how to operate military helicopters from the most simple to the most complex aspects of military rotary wing flight. Amentum conducts this training to new pilots every day and night. We do so with an industry leading, low accident rate.

Our instructors and staff have more cumulative experience than one can find anywhere else. Our highly trained and experienced safety staff has extensive expertise derived from their combined years of hands on experience and formal education in their fields:

Aviation: 104 years

Military: 82 years

Safety: 59 years

Education: 21 years Graduate and Undergraduate

Years on contract: 32

Credentials: Instrument, Multi-Engine and Certified Flight Instructor certifications, Federal Aviation Safety Officer, Army Instructor Pilot, Standardization Pilot , Instrument Examiner, NTSB Accident Investigation and DoD Accident Investigation Board President certifications. Project Management Professional

Experience: Platoon Leader, Commander, Army Battalion and Brigade Safety Management, Battalion Standardization Management, Navy and Civilian Safety Program Management, Airline Pilot, Emergency Management operations, OSHA Compliance Officer, Personnel Recovery Operations Management.

Amentum fosters a safety culture as a part of doing aviation business. We promote safety by being involved in the day-to-day operations, trend analysis, mitigating risk as much as possible and elevating risk decisions to the appropriate level, as a systematic approach to accident prevention. Because at Amentum…

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