Basic Warfighter Skills | "Producing the Cutting Edge!"

The mission of the Basic Warfighter Skills Division is to train Active, Army Reserve, National Guard, and Allied student pilots in basic warfighter skills and tactics, to include hands-on flight tasks. This is one of the most challenging phases of training at the Aviation Center of Excellence.

Students learn individual aviation warrior tasks that deliver to the field an Aviator ready for crew integration. After completion of this FSXXI phase of training, the student will continue to their advanced aircraft qualification with the knowledge they have received to further hone their warfighting skills in the mission specific to their assigned aircraft.

  • Number of Training Days: 20
  • Hours of Instructions: 19.2 with a 1.3 Flight Evaluation and then a 1.0 Solo Flight.
  • Numbers of Exams: Two. Emergency and Limitations test with possible no-notice quizzes and a Solo Exam.
  • Total Course Hours: 21.5


  • Flight Support Subjects: This phase of training allows the student pilot to apply academic subjects directly to flightline training. The student is introduced to basic warfighter skills which consist of Tactical Map Preparation, Tactical Flight Mission Planning, Tactical Communication, Fundamentals of Reconnaissance, and Aircrew Coordination.
  • Tactical Flight Mission Planning: the tactical planning and preparation necessary to properly employ Army Aviation on the battlefield.
  • Tactical Communication: proper use and operation of avionics equipment in communicating tactical information to the commander while overcoming challenges on the modern battlefield.
  • Fundamentals of Reconnaissance: The gathering of information on which the commander can base plans, decisions and issue orders.
  • Aircrew Coordination: The interaction between crewmembers (communication) and the actions necessary for flight tasks to be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely, and various other flight support subjects.