Welcome to Amentum Services, Inc. Fort Novosel.

Amentum has been honored to be the U.S. Army’s rotary wing flight trainer since 1989. We have trained over 30,000 Army, Air Force, and Allied students to meet their world-wide commitments as military rotary wing pilots. 
We serve at the U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Fort Novosel, Alabama, which is the largest helicopter flight training school in the world.

Amentum provides training and education services to approximately 1500 + Army and Air Force initial entry rotary wing students annually to fly. From aviation theory and simulation instruction to actual flight training, Amentum instructors lead 
undergraduate student pilots through months of intensive training in Basic, Instrument, and Warfighter skills. This foundation ensures our students are prepared for advanced aircraft qualification and successful careers as military aviators. In addition, we conduct numerous graduate level programs for rated aviators from the U.S. and foreign countries.

Our senior managers and instructors are the most experienced in the world with backgrounds in lift, attack, cavalry, and special operations aviation. Many of our employees have military backgrounds, are combat veterans and serve in the National Guard and Reserves. We take great pride in being role models for our students, promoting the Aviation Warrior Ethos, and setting the standard for excellence in Army aviation. Safety is absolutely paramount in every facet of our program, as reflected in our unprecedented safety record.

As one of the nation's leading multi-service contractors, Amentum is proud to be a member of the Army Aviation Team and we are committed to providing the finest in aviation training. America’s sons and daughters deserve nothing less!