Regulations and Publications

AR 385-10 | The Army Safety Program
AR 40-8 | Temporary Flying Restrictions Due to Exogenous Factor
AR 40-501 | Standards of Medical Fitness
AR 95-1 | Aviation Flight Regulations
AR 95-2 | Air Traffic Control Airspace, Airfield, Flight Activities, and Navigational Aids
AR 95-20 | Contractor's Flight and Ground Operations (Note this is also AFI 10-220)

Department of the Army Pamphlets:

DA Pam 385-40 | Army Accident Investigation and Reporting
DA Pam 738-751 | Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS-A)

IERW Publications:

Airman Information Manual (AIM)
ATC Controllers Manual JO 7110.65T
Blank Forms (DD Form 175)
Blank Forms (E6B)
Blank Forms (Holding Placecard for E6B)
Crew Coordination Training
Crew Coordination Training (11 min summary)
FM 1-230 Weather
FM 3-04.203 Fundamentals of Flight
FM 3-04.240
Fort Rucker 95-2
IFR Study Aids (136 Rule)
IFR Study Aids (Holding Entries Made Simple)
IFR Study Axis (WX Flow)
Instrument Flying Handbook
Instrument Procedures Handbook
Helicopter Flying Handbook
TC 3-04.93-Aeromedical