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Pages Map Prep

Manage your time wisely as you need to focus on passing your Instrument Check Ride. The links below will aid you in completing your maps from home. Official Hazards Map is located at Lowe/Shell AAF Base OPNS. The map located at the Learning Center is NOT an Official Hazards Map.

AO Vanguard QITA (2nd Qtr FY15)
Australian Fold Instructions
Map Prep Class (ppt - "Select Read Only")

Hub Sector Map - 1 MAY 14
Hub Sector Map w/Sectional Data - 1 MAY 14
Stick Buddy Request (Instructions Included)


Prior to 1st Flight

These are the items you will need to have handy prior and during flights in BWS. As a technique - print a copy and put in a checklist binder in order of use.

Crew Briefing/Post Flight Checklist
Navigation Card (Required for each flight)
Navigation Scale (Technique)
PPC - Blank (pdf)
• Refuel Checklist (1-212 SOP) - Under Review
Shell Commo Card (5 OCT 15)


Training Day Review

The links below are the current handouts and PowerPoint classes. A great way to review or even get ahead on the academic subjects. Simply right click and save as, then review the presentation.

Daily Questions (14 MAR 17)
91-Risk Management
91-Dynamic Rollover Review
91-LTE Review
91-Hazards to Terrain Flight
91-Tactical / Terrain Mission Planning
91-Tactical / Terrain Flight Mission Planning Guide
92-Brown Stagefield
92-Hot Refueling Operations
93-Aerial Observation
93-Tactical Report (Spot)
94-Fundamentals of Recon
96-Target Handover to Attack Helicopter
97-Techniques of Movement
98-Holding Area
98-LZ/PZ Recon
99-Air Route Recon/Bridge, Tunnel, Underpass
99-Route Recon
100-Call for Fire



A great "Library" for students and instructors alike. If there is any doubt or debate, the manuals have the answers!

AR 40-8
AR 95-1
ATTP 3-18.12 (FM 90-4)
FM 5-19
FM 3.04.111
FM 1-02
FM 3-04.126
FM 3-04.203

FM 3-34.170
ATP 3-09.30 (FM 6-30)
FR 95-2
TM 55-1520-228-10
METAR (Quick Reference)
DA Pam 738-751
1-212th SOP

ATP 3-04.1

LUH References
Air Route Recon (RT593-594)
Area Recon (N147)
Area Recon (NAIs 399 & 400)
Area Recon 392
Area Recon 399
Area Recon 572
Area Recon Ground (395-405)
Route Recon Air (N143)

Route Recon Ground (Dozier)
Zone Recon (NOE Box 2)
Zone Recon (NOE Box 4)
Night Mnemonics
AKO Living Doctrine Vignettes
Place Holder

Place Holder


Additional Information (Helpful)

Additional information that is not required to be taught during this phase. The information below may help you have a better understanding of the basics required to be taught IAW FTG.

AO Vanguard RTs
DA Form 5484
Differences in TH-67 and OH-58
Helpful Acronyms for BWS
OH-58 Avionics Check
OH-58 PPC Class
OH-58 Preflight
BWS Solo Procedures Guide (02 MAY 14)
BWS Solo Procedures Guide Change 1 (06 JAN 15)

OH-58 Run UP
OH-58 Student Handout
Shell Radio Procedures
206 Computerized Weight and Balance
Electronic Logbook
Electronic Logbook Shortcuts
Troy Solo.ppt


Future References (Advanced)

"Stuff" that may be helpful to you in the future. Items are not required to be taught during this phase.

E6B Mission Planning
Evasive Maneuvers
Fundamentals of Security
LNO Handbook
VFR Flight Planning