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The most important resource is you!
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Take personal ownership in your training! Two key ingredients: PREPARATION and ORGANIZATION. Crew coordination in and out of the cockpit -- cooperate and graduate!

Actively work to ensure you don't become this guy!

How do you get here from here?
  • Academics | Follow Academics link in Student Area above.
  • Simulators | 37.5 hours covering both basic and advanced instruments.
  • Flight Line | 15.7 hours in the TH-67 to pitch your newly acquired skills against Mother Nature!


Additional Links

Army Knowledge Online (AKO)
Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
NOAA Weather
Safety Sites
Cairns Weather

Daily Questions

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Training Aides

1-3-6 Rule
Commo Card
DD-175 Flight Plan
Flight Log
Holding Procedures Made Simple
Weather Flow

Computer Simulation Aides