Broken Wing Awards

“The United States Army’s Broken Wing Award recognizes an individual who demonstrate a high degree of professional skill while recovering from an in-flight failure or malfunction requiring an emergency landing”.

The requirements for this award, as stated in Army Regulation 672-74, specify that, “An aircrew member must, through outstanding airmanship, minimize or prevent aircraft damage or injury to personnel during an emergency situation. The aircrew member must have shown extraordinary skill while recovering an aircraft from an in-flight emergency situation.”

These Lear Siegler Services Instructor Pilots have, when the situation arose, demonstrated the outstanding airmanship and extraordinary skill necessary to recover from an in-flight emergency situation. For their actions they have been awarded the Army’s Broken Wing . . .

Mr. Melvin J. Strobel, Instrument IP, Advanced Division

Mr. John D. Edmunds, Jr., Contact & Instrument IP, Advanced Division

Mr. Billie Loucks, Instrument IP, Advanced Division
Mr. Robert C. "RC" Smith, Contact IP, Primary Division

Mr. Donald A. Law, Contact IP, Primary Division

Mr. Robert M. Gustafson, Contact IP, Basic Warfighter Skills Division
Mr. Herschel M. Hicks, Instrument IP, Advanced Division